Since I am a student at ETH I will be entering my so called “holidays” in a week. They are “holidays” since they serve as 2 months of preparation for a series of exams. During this time I will be posting the one or the other concept, algorithm or thought experiment that fall into one of four subject:

Algorithms and Probabilities

Algorithms and Probabilities, or AnW for short, is all about probabilistic algorithms. This ranged from colouring to matchings over to probabilities (expected value, variance) to flows and convex hulls.

Analyis 1

Analysis I is your basic Calculus course. From supremum and infimum up to partial integration this represents the main, purely mathematical part of this semester’s courses.

Digital design and computer architecture

Digital design and computer architecture, or DDCA for short, deals with the essence of computers at a lower abstraction level. This ranges from simple logic gates all the way to branch prediction and memory optimization.

Parallel Programming

Parallel Programming, or Pprog for short, discusses, as the name suggests, the idea of parallel programming. Starting off with manually starting threads over using ForkJoin pools to transactional memory and STM. We looked at the benefits, but mainly the flaws of each of the implemented methods.

During this period of “relaxation” I will only be posting in this format. Hopefully there will be a few interesting topics for you too :)